Kingfisher 120 Tour

Kingfisher 120 Tour

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Product Overview

The Kingfisher is a ski made for powder days. At 120mm underfoot with a massive 157mm shovel, these skis will perform in the lowest density snow.  The swallow tail shape maintains edge length while reducing tail drag, allowing the skis to plane up to the surface of the snow. This shovel and swallow combination lets the skier keep continuous nose pressure throughout their soft snow run. At just 1500g per ski, you won’t think twice about launching up the skin track for another lap.


WOVN Tour series skis utilize a combination of unidirectional carbon fiber and flax fiber wrapped above and below Paulownia hardwood cores.  The carbon layer gives outstanding resilience and energy return, while the flax layer dissipates chatter and vibration while adding tensile strength and durability.  Seamless Polyurethane sidewalls add durability throughout the length of the ski, reducing edge deflection and maximizing ski-to-snow contact.  WOVN Tour construction starts with a medium sidecut shape with camber underfoot and early-rise rocker in the nose. These features combine to offer solid footing on the skin track, powerful turns, and a stable ride through variable conditions and snow types. Sidecuts are progressive through the different lengths in order to maintain a similar ride, no matter what size you choose.





Round (stiff underfoot, even flex into tip and tail)

Turning Radius


Early rise rocker nose, low camber, swallow tail

Skin Fix


Core Material


Base Material



Flax Fiber, Unidirectional Carbon


Seamless Polyurethane


Best For:

Mid-winter powder chasing

Specifications -

*weight +/- 30g
Length (cm) 169 177 185

Tip Width (mm)

157 157 157
Waist Width (mm) 120 120 120
Tail Width (mm) 135 135 135
Turn Radius (m) 17.5 18.5 19.5
Weight (g/ski) 1400
1550 1600