The WOVN Team

The WOVN Team

Peter Butler – Founder and Owner, Design and Construction


Peter built his first set of skis in his high school wood shop.  This sparked a curiosity and passion that would carry through to today.  Throughout his time as a student, college athlete, and mountaineer, Peter has continually developed and refined his ski designs and manufacturing processes.  Starting with a vacuum press and minimal tools, Peter eventually commissioned his first ski press from a local machine shop.  Peter began showing up to (and winning) skimo races on his own skis, which naturally sparked the interest of his fellow racers.  Peter has for several years been supplying skis to mountaineers and racers entirely through word of mouth.  Countless other designs have been built, tested, broken, and refined by Peter and his friends.  The result is WOVN Skis, making durable, light backcountry skis for serious mountain missions.

 Lael Butler - Product Development

Lael was born and raised in the mountains, just like her brother Peter. Lael brings her experiences in the mountains to the improvement of WOVN Skis as a product developer, iterating on designs and providing invaluable feedback on how WOVN can improve quality, performance, and construction.

Sam Chaneles – Engineering and Operations

Sam is an avid skier, mountaineer, backpacker, climber, as well as a Project Manager for Genie, a Terex Brand, in Redmond WA. Sam graduated with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering in 2020 from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA.

Sam is inspired to explore, to seek out adventures big and small, whether it be climbing, skiing, backpacking, you name it.  Sam joined the team in 2021.  You can check out some of Sam’s alpine accomplishments at