The WOVN Story

Designed for the Cascades

WOVN Skis are designed for the Cascades. What does that mean?

The Cascade Mountains are unique in so many ways.  They are breathtakingly beautiful.  They can be steep and rugged.  There are giant volcanoes.  They contain more glaciers than any other range in the contiguous United States. The weather, conditions and snowpack are infinitely variable and constantly changing.  All of these attributes combine to create a spectacular playground for outdoor adventure.  Where else can one pursue skiing, mountaineering, climbing, and mountain running, and often combine several of those activities in a single objective?

WOVN Skis are built specifically with the Cascades in mind. 

WOVN Skis are lightweight, for when your approaches involve bushwhacking, steep snow and ice climbing, or when your trip involves as much hiking with your skis on your back as they do skiing downhill with them under your feet.

WOVN Skis are damp, for difficult backcountry snow that can vary from blower powder to firm chop to summer corn.

WOVN Skis perform, from steep and narrow couloirs, to long volcano descents, to powder hunting in low-angle glades.

Most of all, WOVN Skis are hand-built in the Snoqualmie Valley, by Washington-local Peter Butler. Born and raised in Port Angeles, WA, Peter calls the Cascade Mountains his home, and has built WOVN Skis with adventuring into the Cascades in mind.

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